Tewa Institute was inspired by the great spirituality of New Mexico. Once home to a Native American tribe known as the Tewa (from which the institute gets its name), Tewa Institute is situated on Turquoise trail in Sandia Park, New Mexico. A branch of the insitute currenly operates in New York City.

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Doru Bittermann Bio

Screenwriter and photographer Doru Bittermann is one of those people who truly walk between the worlds. He was born in Romania, a country with an ancient culture and animistic traditions stretching for over 2500 years, very similar to the that of druids (It is generally proposed that a proto-Dacian or proto-Thracian people spirituality is similar to the Brahmins of India, the magi of the Persians and the druids of Ireland).

As a follower of Mircea Eliade (according to whom traditional man feels that things "acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality". To traditional man, the profane world is "meaningless", and a thing rises out of the profane world only by conforming to an ideal, mythical model), Doru was always fascinated by the local myths and folklore and he meet with many healers and elders from the region of Transylvania (home of the "free Dacians" - according to Herodotus' account of the story of Zamolxis, the Dacians believed in the immortality of the soul, and regarded death as merely a change of country.), in order to understand, recover and preserve some of their deep understanding & knowledge regarding the mysteries.

In 1986 Doru sustained serious injuries after falling from 45 feet. At that time he had an out of body experience. During his falling he rose up out of his body and he saw the whole event in slow motion. Curious about the universe, he started to research the unexplained phenomenon, mystery schools, various religions and spiritual traditions. During his quest he was able to learn a great deal of information concerning the human consciousness. Also, he investigated this field by compiling data from scientific experiments that prove the connection of quantum mechanics and consciousness and the relationship of light to life called Quantum Biology.

Currently, Doru Bittermann is a NYC based shamanic practitioner, a medical intuitive, and an ordained minister of The Circle of the Sacred Earth, Inc., a church of animism fostering shamanic principles and practices. He was initiated by Itzhak Beery into Amazonian shamanism and studied intensively the ancient Polynesian system of Kahunas with Hank Wesselman.

Understanding the gap between the indigenous traditions and the western culture, Doru was searching for a technique suitable for the city life and its fast paced environment. As Mircea Eliade claims In his "Myths, Dreams, and Mysteries", that a "genuine encounter" between cultures "might well constitute the point of departure for a new humanism, upon a world scale", after years of trials and errors, Doru discovered a way to align the ancient transformative tools and techniques with the ordinary urban life.

Urban Shamanism is not a religion. Urban Shamanism is a spiritual practice and an ancient form of personal development and healing pre-dating all known religions and philosophies. Urban shamanism is a broader approach, rediscovering the roots of tribal mind for modern people and putting ancient patterns to use in new forms. Urban shamans reinvent spirit healing for ourselves and for the contemporary communities.

All of us have ancestral links to shamanic cultures if we go back far enough, because all societies have origins in tribalism. There are no rules and no end to learning and creativity, as we reawaken our indigenous minds and recreate spirit healing in new ways adapted to the western culture. Fast-food, mass media, work, driving cars, computer games, and drugs all hypnotize us into ordinary reality. Urban people should take back the control of the consciousness and start accessing visionary states on their own terms. We can discover unexpected interests and sources of power.

Contact- Meda & Doru Bittermann: info@tewainstitute.com